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ROUTE 66 ARIZONA France is Representative Member for Europe of Historic   ROUTE 66   Association of Arizona

The Association ROUTE 66 ARIZONA France has been founded  in  2006 as a non profit Association by  Robert Mauriès and his wife who are french strongly protectors of the US 66 heritage.
The target of the Association is to promote, to develop to protect and to transmit everything which is a part of The Old US ROUTE 66 Spirit.

Architecture, archives, collectors, musics, painting, pictures, cars, cultural events, but also and before all the The Old US ROUTE 66 Spirit since its origin in 1926 

Large using of Internet, and specially its website ROUTE66ARIZONAFRANCE.COM will be done .
Aimed partnerships with public or private events will be set up each year. 

The Website :

A lot of people drive US ROUTE 66 , many others hope to do so. 
Some of them have seen several movies or read a lot of magazines or books –mainly about travel or road books.

This website is specially dedicated to all of them.

The start up is very modest, but days after days it will become the original US OLD ROUTE 66 Testimony of love mine of informations..

This Website will be implemented in ENGLISH and FRENCH langages.

A lot of topics will be closely opened  as Travel on Route 66, Indian Musics, rock’n’roll blues and country musics, US cars, motos, pictures, post-cards, records, architecture, art painting, et many others wich depend of your suggestions.

An email is already open: giselle.mauries@wanadoo.fr

don’t hesitate to communicate from now.

Share your knowledge, your love of US Route 66, the opportunity is offer to you. 
US OLD ROUTE 66 has participated – for a too short time- at the exchanges between the East and the West Coast,  all togather we are going to give it the opportunity to going on its target in term of exchanges transmission and mix of the cultures . 

For more informations : giselle.mauries@wanadoo.fr


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